Trigger Happy

IMG_4622This morning’s appointment brought the welcome news that we are ready to trigger for our egg retrieval!  I’ve been really uncomfortable and nauseous the past few days and no wonder – today’s ultrasound revealed at least 20 follicles just on my right ovary.  The nurse actually stopped counting once she hit 12 on each side.  While I am pleased that my body has responded so well to the stimulating hormones, I do realize that it is quality over quantity, so I am really hoping that we are able to retrieve viable, healthy eggs that fertilize.  And, let’s be honest, I’m looking forward to not feeling like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

I just had an opportunity to look at my lab results and, to my untrained eye, my estrogen levels look really high: slightly over 9,000 pg/mL.  As I understand it, each follicle will release between 150-200 pg/mL, so I get why my level is sky high but I worry that this could develop into ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) after egg retrieval and/or they will cancel this cycle.  I haven’t heard from my doctor’s office and they are usually really good about calling if there are any issues with my lab results.  Anxious, much?

Tonight I am scheduled to take my first trigger of Lupron.  Due to timing, I will have to give myself a Lupron shot at work tomorrow morning as well, which should be interesting to say the very least. Making IVF viable while I work has been a challenge, but thankfully I have a job with some flexibility and that is accommodating to the many doctor’s appointments that I’ve so far had.

Wednesday, first thing, Daddy Graham and I will head into the Fertility Clinic to have the eggs retrieved and for Daddy Graham to deliver some swimmers.  Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that we are one step closer to Baby Graham!

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