Stims in the Woods

The view from our family cabin on Lake George, NY

My family’s annual 4th of July holiday reunion landed smack in the middle of our IVF injections schedule and I’m here to report that, while maybe a little awkward that Daddy Graham and I would disappear at 6 pm on the dot to go through our routine with MUCH STERILIZATION, it was completely doable.  

In fact, being able to enjoy family and do our normal things (go to the beach, laze about a campfire, eat picnic food with abandon) was imperative – resuming our life as usual instead of obsessing over our ever-present conception journey was a lovely and important reminder of the necessity of balance. 

So far, I’ve had no noticeable side effects from the menopur and follistim. I’ve actually been feeling great – fingers crossed that this continues! My next appointment for an ultrasound and blood work to see how the follicles are progressing is tomorrow morning.  I’m feeling confident and positive that we will be successful with IVF and that at next year’s family reunion, Baby Graham will be there with us! 

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