IVF Day 1

Yesterday’s appointment brought another ultrasound and baseline blood work panel. I got the go ahead to start my IVF injections – a combination of menopur and follistim – to begin stimulating my ovaries.

Coming off of the progesterone from our last round of letrozole and timed intercourse has left me feeling emotionally fragile. I’m hoping that these new hormones won’t throw me too off-kilter. I feel extremely thankful and lucky to have such a patient and understanding partner in Daddy Graham.  

 The process of mixing the two drugs together for injection was a little daunting at first, but once Daddy Graham and I watched a video we found, we felt pretty confident. Once again, the injection wasn’t bad, but the amount of liquid that the needle contained was much more than the trigger shot I had done the first go around, so the tenderness factor at the belly injection site was upped. 

Another needle in the sharps bin, another needle closer to Baby Graham. 

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