The IVF Journey Begins …


As instructed, I called the fertility clinic on the first day of my period.  Before I could take a breath, I had an appointment for the following day.  Suddenly I was thrust back into the trying to conceive hamster wheel – a laundry list of questions and to-dos, the top of my list following up with the pharmacy to make sure they’re overnight-ing the meds.  We had barely gotten over the hump of disappointment from our most recent (failed) attempt at baby-making and here we are again, back at the beginning.

At times this process feels slightly beyond my grasp and, needless to say, overwhelming.  Exciting, too, sure.  I think about all of the women (and significant others) who have been through this an exponential amount of times, and I am both humbled and comforted.  It also helps me stop whining in my head.

Off to devour some success stories.

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