The Wait


the wait

I keep refreshing my browser, thinking that the lab results will miraculously appear… even though I know that the office will call in roughly an hour.  I’m impatient and the pendulum keeps swinging between optimism and trying to temper my expectations so as to not be too disappointed should we find out that this round didn’t result in a pregnancy.

Here is a snippet of my mind’s conversation:

“I don’t feel pregnant.”

“How would you know what pregnancy feels like?  You’ve never been pregnant!”

“What if I’m not pregnant …”

“What IF YOU ARE?”

“Why am I craving donut holes?”


One thought on “The Wait

  1. Just FYI- in both my previous pregnant cycles I knew for a “fact” that I wasn’t pregnant because I didn’t feel anything. And the second time I knew what being pregnant felt like and still didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel pregnant at all until I was 7 or 8 weeks in! Good luck!

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