I won’t lie and say both Daddy Graham and I are not disappointed.  We are and it stings like we thought it would when we began this process.  It was too easy to get carried away – pinning baby items on a secret baby board and continually adding names we like on a list on my phone.

Both Daddy Graham and I are undeterred, however.  We knew this wouldn’t be easy.

The nurse I spoke with was sweet and gentle … and told me we could begin again as soon as my period starts.  Which should be just a few days from now, as I’ll no longer be taking progesterone.  I was surprised to hear that we could/would/should start anew in three days – it almost doesn’t feel like enough of a mental break.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time.

I called my insurance company and got my prior authorization codes for IVF – I am beyond lucky that my medical insurance through work covers IVF up to $50,000.  Now Daddy Graham and I need to figure out when to begin IVF, if we want to try another cycle of timed intercourse or if IUI should be considered as a next step.

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