Schrödinger’s Uterus

Ok, so not exactly.  Copenhagen Interpretation Uterus doesn’t have the same ring to it.  For those of you who are asking, “what in the world is she talking about?”, let me (briefly) explain…

Schrödinger was a physicist who created a thought experiment involving a cat placed in a box.  The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics would say that, until someone opens the box and observes what actually happened to the cat, it is impossible to predict what happened to the cat… that is, the cat could be in all possible states simultaneously.   (Schrödinger actually thought this was nonsense, and had created the thought experiment to show exactly that).

Anywhooo, what does this have to do with my uterus, you might wonder and why is she talking about physics so early in the morning?

IMG_4244Well, I’m currently in the state of limbo where I could be pregnant, I could not be pregnant, and both are equally possible.  I won’t know definitively until Monday’s blood test (or the arrival of an unwelcome period), and until then I’m … both.  I was telling Daddy Graham last night that a teeny party of me does not want to find out on Monday because it bursts the hazy state where all things are possible.

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