The 2WW

I’m currently in the last week of the dreaded two week wait (or 2WW, according to the blogs) – the wait between ovulation and being able to find out if everything you’ve done up to this point has worked …

After my last ultrasound showed a nearly-mature follicle in the left ovary (it was 17.5 mm), the RN instructed me to administer the trigger shot the following morning (a Friday).  For those worried about the trigger shot, and having to administer a shot to yourself, rest assured.  It wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I had to give it myself twice, as I realized after the first round that I hadn’t sucked up all of the HSG.

And thus commenced the timing part of our timed intercourse cycle – we were given explicit instructions as to which days we needed to get it on (24, 48, and 72 hours post trigger shot).  I’d like to say that we did exactly that, but we, ahem, made a 12, 24, and 36 hour tour of the bedroom instead.  While I normally do not buck any medical advice, especially when it comes to this process, one of the sessions was to occur after I started the endometrin suppositories and, well, who wants to have sex when you are dealing with a vaginal suppository?  Not me.  I’m pretty sure Daddy Graham would say the same.

During these two weeks, I’ve felt every symptom imaginable – nausea, dizziness, mood swings, tender breasts, cramps, even light spotting on what could have been implantation day (~6 days post-ovulation).  I’ve had dreams where I am pregnant, dreams where I am definitively not.  Listening to my body is difficult when it is currently an unreliable narrator. Only time will tell.


My mom, c. 1981 – pregnant with my younger brother

2 thoughts on “The 2WW

  1. This is what I’m worried about is the wait. I just hope I can stay busy because the thought of it is going to make me crazy lol. Thank you for sharing this and now I know the trigger shot is not gonna be so bad. ❤️


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